Death Server
2/8/2020 Renewal Server!
Shyph, Death Knight, Titan Play!
Death Server
New Quest Play!
New Race Play!
New System Play!
Death Server
Immerse yourself in the fun of random production! Items enhanced by random production!

There are no restrictions on PVP.
Those who want to live can live when they are blessed with protection. Death Knight, Jean Kamael, and various rankers roam the entire field.
Will you be able to live in this lawless land?
Enjoy the death server with automatic hunting system, colorful graphics and skill implementation!
Even if we fight in every field, there is no one to say.

A server that anyone can enjoy comfortably, a server where the operator is not involved in the game!
Right now. Don't miss the chance!

Equip basic items with Nerupa Quest.
Broadcast YouTube/Twitch and get +7 boss weapon(temporary - 7 days)!

Nothing difficult! Invest just 4 hours a day!! !
Stream broadcast and receive 20,000 Elcoins, +7 Boss Weapon(temporary - 7 days) as a gift every week!
(* If you have a lot of subscribers and popularity for your stream, I can give you (+20,000 L-Coins) as an additional reward. )

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The World War begins every evening from 22:00 to 24:00!

Let's attack Behemoth / Jean Behemoth and get the boss weapon box!!

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