DeathServer Beginner Guideline - Papago Translator English Version - By.풀악셀

서버 내의 시스템 및 정보들을 확인할 수 있습니다. (You can check the system and information in the server.)
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DeathServer Beginner Guideline - Papago Translator English Version - By.풀악셀

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1. Join the Death Forum

- To start a death server, you need to sign up on the death server homepage to access it.

- The ID I signed up for on the homepage is my account and password.

2. Downloading clients

- Download and install NC Launcher 2 from the official site of Lineage 2.
NC Launcer 2 download path: (

- Install Lineage 2 client with NC Launcher 2 and receive all updates.

- Download the Death Server system folder.
Download path: ( ... vCoK9/view)

- Once the download is complete, you can paste the client into the (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage2_KR) folder and then decompress (system-death).

- If extracted, there would be an L2 executable file in the extracted folder, which is easy to access if you make a shortcut on the desktop.

- What must be done before accessing Death Server! Update to official server Lineage2 should always be mandatory.

3. take one's first step in Death Server

- After creating the character, you will see the a change of jobs icon in the lower right corner of the village of Aden.

- Beginner items will be given after the third a change of jobs. (Provided only on first generated characters)

- If you want to change the first character to another class, all items can be transferred through the warehouse.

4. Aden Village, Giran Village

- Each village has NPCs such as the supply officer (the NPC that will be used the most), the combat equipment officer, the warehouse manager, the pattern manager, and the Nerupa (quest facilitator), and always move through the Spirit Gatekeeper next to Nerupa.

- If you have received a small amount of Aden and novice items, I recommend you to go to the supply officer and purchase 50 pieces of Order to go village Advanced and 10 pieces of blood-absorbing stew (You don't have to buy anything else.)

- There is no need for a combat equipment officer to use personally. If you proceed with the quest anyway, a lot of items will be dropped.

- Through the warehouse, all equipment can be transferred to characters in the same account.

- You only need to get tattoos before you start your first hunt through the culture manager, and you only need to buy three (150,000 aden).

- Once you complete the quest, you can get enough equipment for hunting, such as Aden and items, so I recommend you to start with the quest.

- The quest begins when you click '네루파'Nehrufa (under the fountain in Aden Village, next to the Keeper in Giran Village).

- The equipment collected during the quest should be sold to the supply officer to collect Aden.

5. Skill

- Most of the skills that apply to official servers also apply to death servers.

- Open the skill window and put the buff and attack skill in the short cut window to prepare for the hunt.

6. Quest

- The start of the quest begins with Nehrufa '네루파'

- For more information about the quest ( ... 2465b7adde) please read it.

- You can get a lot of equipment if you complete or repeat the quest.

- Up to two accounts per IP can be used, and the quest can be carried out faster after the party.

7. Stats

- Stats distributes 25 pieces to all the caricatures, which can be summarized into 20 pieces that can be raised through quests and 5 pieces according to the level-up.

- You can repeat the quest and add stats every time you complete it. (But No Antaras Cave)

- I recommend adding Stat20 as soon as possible by repeating the shoes of gods or the valley of dragons. (The shoes of the gods allow rapid progress, and the valley of dragons is easy for rare music and jewelry farming)

- Only when the stats are raised can the attack and magic power be increased, and the speed of the mob be felt faster.

8. L coin

- L coins are mainly used in stores of all things.

- Through the daily 9 p.m. Korean time Raid, you can collect the essence that can be converted into 3,000 L coins and dolls every two days. (Please! Let's participate.)

- Let's sign up for a blood alliance and get a weekly grant.

- It can be gathered through publicity or broadcasting and the best way is to get it from the production point.

- The random craft is not made by melting the item, but only through pure hunting.

- L coins from random craft (100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500 2000, 2500, 3000, 10000) can be obtained randomly. (Let's hunt hard!)

9. Yogi's Weapon

- You can get Yogi's weapons and orders through Transcendental Dungeon.

- Starting from the bottom (the 10 million-aden) of the first month, the lowest grade of transcendence can also proceed.

- Transcendental Dungeon is reset at 9 a.m. every morning in Korean time. (If you can't, you can restart)

- If you succeed in strengthening to the top 10, you can exchange items through the Master Yogi NPC, and I recommend changing from 10 agacion.

10. Enchant

- All the items in the death server do not have safety enchants.

- Therefore, it can be removed from 1.

- See Enchant Probability ( ... 5d4a1727a0).

- See additional option of weapon enchants. ( ... 5d4a1727a0).

11. Enchant Events by Day (Auto Progress)
* Weapons / Guard / Shield / Sigil must use an enchant auxiliary seat
Monday: Synthetic Probability +10%
Tuesday: Talisman enchant probability +10%
Wednesday: Yogi's weapon enchant chance +10%
Thursday: Rare accessory enchant probability +10%
Friday: Hair accessory enchant probability +10%
Saturday: Dragon's Belt Enchant Probability +10%
Sunday: Yogi's weapon enchant chance +10%

12. World Boss (Raid)

- Korean time starts from 9 p.m. every day.

- Through Quest NPC Nehrufa(네루파), you must receive a raid quest.(월드 보스 처치)

- Any user in the death server can participate and the party will begin to be organized around 8:30 p.m.

- It travels through the Leade Idongsa Temple located in Aden Village (next to Nerupa) and Giran Village (right of the temple).

- Start at the top of Antaras Cave and let the party members enter by 8:55.

13. Hellbound (PVP Zone)

- Only war clans are allowed to enter, while neutral and bloodless are not allowed to enter.

- There are usually our clan there.

- There, if you fight our Clan and win, you can hunt monsters.

- You're a PVP zone, so if you come in, you'll die.

14. kakaotalk - L2death

- It's the only way to contact GM.

- You can ask anything because he is very kind. HAHAHA

15. at the end

- Don't come at me.

- Our Clans are Korean monsters.

- Good for the good, evil for the evil.

- Come visit And follow me.

- I hope you make a lot of good memories at Death Server.

- Thank you.
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